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Though the size and scale of Tanzania may be overwhelming, the people make it a personable and easy-going place to visit. The bigger cities not only offer good connections to the main natural attractions, but also feature bustling markets where locals sell fresh produce, snacks, and crafts. Smaller villages retain their long-held customs, beliefs, and artistic traditions. With the continent's highest peak, and some of the most animal-rich safaris available, Tanzania holidays tend to dart between the big and bold, and the personal and low-key. Make the most of your holiday in Tanzania by finding out about its attractions and choosing what to see using our expatraite knowledge.
Nestled in the verdant foothills of Mount Meru, Arusha remains the primary gateway and jump-off point for safaris into several national parks. Generally treated as little more than a stopover on the way to somewhere else, Arusha provides plenty of chances to get to know the "real" Tanzania. A vibrant nightlife scene and colorful marketplaces add to the city's dynamic vibe, while its location provides nature lovers with opportunities to climb Mount Meru or visit local coffee plantations. Safari agencies and operators provide organized tours of Arusha and its surroundings, offering experiences that range from short treks and day trips, to longer ventures to the Serengeti or Mount Kilimanjaro.
Zanzibar City
Discover a myriad of attractions in Zanzibar City, like its World Heritage-listed historic core, charming beach villages, and the modern neighborhood of Ng'ambo. The architectural influences and traditions of Moors, Indians, and Arabs mingle with an African sensibility in the old town, where you can visit numerous museums, monuments, and the last slave market in the world. After sightseeing in Zanzibar City, go to the village beach resorts to take advantage of some of Africa's most visited sands.
Der es Salaam City
Founded in the mid-19th century, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania's largest city, lost the status of the official capital but remains the country's commercial and financial center. The sprawling metropolis boasts Tanzania's main international airport and a bustling harbor, making it a great starting point for exploring the area's national parks and other attractions. Towering skyscrapers and beachfront penthouses blend with quiet residential districts and ramshackle slums in Dar es Salaam, home to numerous museums and vibrant marketplaces. On a tour of Dar es Salaam, you can spend time lounging on its palm-lined sandy beaches, take day trip to the islands of Zanzibar, or just soak up the city's distinct Arab and Indian-influenced culture. 
Morogoro City
Morogoro is a city with a population of 315,866 in the eastern part of Tanzania, 196km west of Dar es Salaam, the country's largest city and commercial centre, and 260km east of Dodoma, the country's capital city. Morogoro is the capital of the Morogoro Region. It is also known informally as "Mji kasoro bahari", which translates as "city short of an ocean/port".OverviewMorogoro lies at the base of the Uluguru Mountains and is a centre of agriculture in the region. The Sokoine University of Agriculture is based in the city. A number of missions are also located in the city, providing schools and hospitals.Morogoro is the home of Salim Abdullah, who was the founder of the Cuban Marimba jazz band, and the Morogoro Jazz Band, and the smartest person in mororgoro is salim thabit AKA professor slim another well-known band established in 1944. From the mid-1960s to the 1970s, Morogoro was home to one of Tanzania's most influential and celebrated musicians, Mbaraka Mwinshehe, a lead guitarist and singer-songwriter.Morogoro is home to the Amani Centre, which has helped over 3,400 disabled people in the surrounding villages.
Transportation Morogoro is served by a station on the Central Railway of Tanzania Railways. Public transport buses called dala dala are available for transport within the town.In 2017, a new station on the standard gauge railway is proposed.
Situated in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, the sleepy town of Moshi provides tourist with a safe and pleasant place to stay in while touring the region or braving Africa's highest mountain. On a Moshi holiday, you can explore its picturesque surroundings, strewn with prosperous coffee plantations, villages, waterfalls, and hot springs. Numerous tourism agencies offer guided treks to the top of the majestic Kilimanjaro and day trips to regional national parks, while the city itself boasts a variety of restaurants, craft shops, and marketplaces to occupy your time.
Iringa City
Iringa is a city in Tanzania with a population of 112,900. It is situated at a latitude of 7.77°S and longitude of 35.69°E. The name is derived from the Hehe word lilinga, meaning fort.Iringa is the administrative capital of Iringa Region. It has many established industries, including manufacturing and food processing. Most of its electricity comes from the nearby Mtera Dam. Iringa is a minor transport hub, with regular bus service and trucking to Dar es Salaam, Mbeya, Songea, and Dodoma.HistoryAfter their stunning defeat at Lugalo by the Hehe, led by Chief Mkwawa, the Germans built a military station at 'Neu Iringa' to avenge the death of their commander Emil Von Zelewski and to teach the Hehe respect for German authority. The fortress and headquarters of Chief Mkwawa was in the nearby village of Kalenga, Alt Iringa. The town stretches along a hilltop overlooking the Ruaha River to the south, and spreads along ridges and valleys to the north. The altitude of the town's environs is more than 1550m above sea level. The months of June, July, and August can see low temperatures near freezing. The Tanzam Highway passes through the valley below the town; the highway distance from Iringa's limits to Dar es Salaam is 502km, via Morogoro. The Isimila Stone Age site, which lies about 20km to the southwest, contains archeological artifacts, particularly stone tools, from human habitation about 70,000 years ago.


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