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The Rwenzori Mountains, previously called the "Ruwenzori Range", is a mountain range of eastern equatorial Africa, located on the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Hiking the mystic Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda is a truly fantastic and unique experience, the wonder of the high glaciers, the beauty of the valley of nine lakes, the bearded lichen hanging from giant heathers with a backdrop of rocky cliffs, crags and snow capped peaks. The wide variety of flora and fauna with several biospheres as you ascend through different vegetation zones creates the ultimate experience for trekking. Never before has this unique and beautiful trek been available, totally untouched and undoubtedly one of the most beautiful treks in the world.

The Mountain range has many climbs and descents making it a tough Climb experience, the scenery and beautiful vegetation are incredible. The high rainfall of more than three metres per year, the moss covered rocks, the dense vegetation, the tall peaks and cliffs towering above to the moss covered valleys and meandering streams create a 'Alice in Wonderland atmosphere' which changes through several biospheres as you climb making the "Rwenzori Mountains" a truly unique experience.

Rwenzori Mountain Ranges consist six massifs which are separated by deep gorges of Mt Stanley With an elevation of 5,109 m (16,763 ft), it is the highest mountain of both the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda, and the third highest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) and Mount Kenya (5,199 m).
Mt. Stanley consists of two twin summits and several lower peaks, the highest being Margherita which is always snow capped and measures 5109 metres (16,762ft)
Hiking to this peak takes approximately 8 days depending on ones ability, however there are resting camps established at other peak points during the adventure.
Margherita Peak is the most sought after peak on Rwenzori Mountain Ranges by the hikers from different parts of the world. 
Others inlude Mt Speke which is the second highest in these Rwenzori Mountain Range, Mt Baker, Mt Emin, Mt Gessi and Mount Luigi di Savoia.
Planning you Hiking Adventure
Fitness and medical issues

Rwenzori Mountain Hike requires a good level of fitness. Interested trekkers are always asked about their general health when placing a reservation.

Altitude sickness can be a problem for many people. (Think over a combination of seasickness and sunstroke, with a banging headache for good measure).

The best way to avoid altitude sickness is to ascend slowly. It’s highly recommended that you consider taking a day off mid-climb, as Jane did, to acclimatise to the high altitude. Even if you don’t summit, you may benefit from a day’s rest and acclimatisation. Having experienced altitude sickness myself, I will definitely take a rest day when I climb the Rwenzoris.
Best time of year for Rwenzori Hike

January, February and March are the best months to hike as it is the driest time of the year.
We advise our guests to have a medical insurance for this adventure 


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