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“If you make an effort to understand and embrace the Ugandan culture, you are very much welcomed with open arms and considered a friend.”
This East African country received the highest marks for friendliness. According to the InterNations report, 57% of expats in Uganda gave ‘general friendliness’ the best possible rating (the global average was 26%). Not only that, not a single respondent ranked this factor negatively.
The country has a lot to offer, from breathtaking landscapes to high-end restaurants and bars to year-round summer, The majority of expats live in Kampala, where English is common and international restaurants abound.
Kampala City
Kampala enjoys the reputation of a modern city with a buzzing atmosphere, it also serves as a good base point for exploring the surrounding area. You'll find plenty of things to do in Kampala itself, whether touring the city's museums, heritage centers, and galleries, browsing the stalls of the chaotic markets, or wandering the leafy streets of the affluent Nakasero Hill district, home to embassies and 5-star hotels. The city surroundings provide an abundance of activities, from rafting on the Nile, to various safaris and excursions to nearby national parks.
It has a high-energy core with a relaxed periphery well suited for families and others who prefer to stay at home.
While the southern half of the city is culturally diverse and less expensive, with easy access to Lake Victoria and the airport, the northern half is home to more affluent neighbourhoods. But expats live everywhere.
Depending on the time available (full or half day), and your particular interest, the Kampala City Tour may comprise a combination of any of the following (Tours do not operate after dark):  
1.Namugongo Martyr’s Shrine - (8kms east of Kampala).  Commemorating the martyrdom of 22 Christian converts who were burnt alive in 1885 and 1887. 

2.Uganda Museum - (north east Kampala) Displays on Uganda’s history, anthropology and geography, including a unique collection of traditional musical instruments.
3.Bahai Temple - (6kms north of Kampala).  This is the “mother temple” of Africa – the only temple of this religious sect found in Africa with a panoramic view of Kampala.  Built in approx. 1957. 

4.Craft Market(s) - Two markets available, located behind the National Theatre, and also along Buganda Road.  Local and imported crafts including wooden carvings, baskets, beaded sandals, soapstone, pictures, gifts, greeting cards etc. etc. 

5.Local Market(s) - Visit Nakasero market for an amazing varied display of fresh fruits and vegetables grown in Uganda, or the large, bustling Owino market - the largest market in Kampala selling not only fruit & vegetables and dry foodstuffs but a huge array of second hand clothing, footwear, household goods… anything and everything from a bolt of cloth to a tube of toothpaste! (NB: not for the feint-hearted!  Beware of pick-pockets!) 

6.Makerere University - East Africa’s oldest institution of higher learning.
7.Nairembe Cathedral (Protestant) - Uganda’s oldest cathedral, built by the first representatives of the Church Missionary Society.  Namirembe, meaning “mother of peace and tranquility” is the name by which both the hill and the Cathedral have come to be known.
8.Lubaga Cathedral (Catholic) - Roman Catholic church with beautiful architecture.  Archbishop Kiwanuka (the first Archbishop to be ordained in Uganda) is interred here.
9.Old Kampala Mosque - This is the site where Idi Amin was attempting to build the “largest mosque in Africa”, however the one minaret he built was demolished in recent years and Col. Gadaffi has funded the building of a beautiful, brand new mosque, complete with domes and minarets.  Absolutely stunning at sunrise.
10.Mulago Hospital - Uganda’s largest teaching hospital. 

11.Kibuli Mosque - (east of Kampala).  Situated on Kibuli hill, this mosque has panoramic views of Kampala.
12. Shopping Options 

i) Garden City Mall - a variety of shops (Uchumi supermarket, butchers, wines & spirits, clothing, shoes, crafts, sports, bookstore), optician, hairdressers, banks, food court, coffee shops and food bars, cinema, bowling alley, gym.
ii) Kisementi shopping area – supermarkets, crafts, hairdressers, bank, several restaurants and a sports bar.
iii)Lugogo shopping area – Game store, Shoprite supermarket, opticians, coffee shop, bank. 
Most guests enjoy a half-day tour which would include a visit to the Museum, Kasubi Tombs and time to do some shopping. Excludes entrance fees. The full day tour includes lunch. 

Half day with private guide and vehicle $100.00 per person – based on 2 passengers 
                                                         $80.00 per person – based on 3 passengers  
                                                         $50.00 per person – based on 4+ passengers 

Full day with private guide and vehicle $120.00 per person – based on 2 passengers 

                                                        $100.00 per person – based on 3 passengers     
                                                        $70.00 per person – based on 4+ passengers 
Nestled on Lake Victoria Peninsula, the laid-back town of Entebbe once served as seat of the colonial government, yet remains widely known as the scene of the 1976 Israeli rescue of hostages kidnapped by Palestinian and German plane hijackers. Home to the Ugandan international airport and in close proximity to the capital, Entebbe offers visitors a pleasant, comfortable base for exploring the nearby national parks and game safaris, as well as boating on Africa's largest lake. Aside from the president's official residence, most attractions in Entebbe foreground the impressive natural surroundings--from walks in the verdant botanical garden, bird-watching, and admiring the animals of the wildlife center, to the many scenic cruises and fishing trips on the lake.
Things to Do 
1. Reptile Village;
Get a close-up view of deadly snakes, chameleons, crocs, and lizards at Reptile village in Entebbe, a sanctuary for endangered reptiles. Founded in 2003, this private center protects over 50 critters representing some 20 species, including cobras, boomslangs, skinks, monitor lizards, and tortoises. Get close to the gaboon viper, the most poisonous snake in Africa, and cozy up to pythons and chameleons, which you can hold. Needless to say, the attraction has lots of good photo ops. It couldn't be easier to arrange your visit to Reptile village in Entebbe and many more Entebbe attractions:
2.Botanical Gardens;
Take a leisurely stroll and relax in Entebbe Botanic Gardens, an expansive green area on a Lake Victoria peninsula. The oldest botanical gardens in Uganda, they feature a variety of sections, including a rainforest zone used to shoot the first "Tarzan" movies. See hornbills, marabou storks, and eagle owls, or a long-tailed cormorant on the lakeshore. Black-and-white colobus and vervet monkeys join tree squirrels in the tall trees; look for colorful birds like orange tufted and red chested sun birds in the canopy.
3. Ngamba Chimanzee Sanctuary on Lake Victoria;
A peaceful home for endangered animals, Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary shelters orphaned and injured chimps unable to return to their natural habitat. While tourists have a chance to explore a limited area, the wildlife wanders freely through the reserve, emerging at designated spots several times a day for scheduled feedings. Consider the overnight experience, or join the program as a volunteer to make a difference in the life of these native creatures.
The Sanctuary is situated Ngamba Island on Lake Victoria.  The 100-acre island is tropical-like and is the home to approximately 29 orphaned chimpanzees, which are free to roam the forest being run by the Jane Goodall Foundation. Fast speed boat transfer, and entrance fees for chimp viewing from a feeding platform, is included. (Do not enter enclosure or touch chimps). 
Half Day (does not include lunch)          Full Day (lunch is included) 
Cost is $335.00 per person – 2 people      Cost is $540.00 per person – 2 people 
Cost is $235.00 per person – 3 people      Cost is $375.00 per person – 3 people 
Cost is $175.00 per person – 4 people      Cost is $310.00 per person – 4 people
24 hour trip includes meals prepared by the cook, tented accommodation, boat transfers and camping & viewing fees for chimps.  
Cost is $745.00 per person – 2 people 
Cost is $725.00 per person – 3 - 4 people 
Single Supplement $215.00 

4.Sunset cruises - for bird watching, relaxing and sundowners
Muleni Safaris Uganda does organise the above activities on a daily basis. The boat departs from Entebbe at about 4.00 PM and cruises to a local papyrus swamp area known to be inhabited by the shoebill, stork & sitatunga (rare water antelope). Sundowners & snacks are served while enjoying the sunset and then return to Entebbe before dark.
The timings on this trip by Muleni Safaris Uganda can be changed to suit the clients interests-eg, bird watching. 
Please note: Muleni Safaris Uganda recommends this tour for clients overnighting in Entebbe.
Cost is $275.00 per person - 2 people      Cost is $145.00 per person - 4 people
Cost is $195.00 per person - 3 people      Cost is $115.00 per person – 5+ people

Mabamba wetlands where prolific birdlife exists. Your day includes a boat trip in the papyrus swamps and picnic lunch. Return transfer to your hotel in the afternoon (trip lasts a minimum of six hours).
* This is the best excursion to see shoebill storks *
Cost is $365.00 per person - 2 people       Cost is $250.00 per person - 4+ people   
Cost is $275.00 per person - 3 people  
Nile perch between 10-80kgs in weight, the largest fresh water fish in the world, are the main catch. Trolling with lures is the method of fishing used. All the necessary tackle for Nile perch trolling is provided but anglers are free to bring their own equipment. You can also catch Tilapia using fly fishing techniques. Tilapia are about 1-2 kgs.  
For day trips, fishing is done around the local Islands about 45 minutes by speed boat from Entebbe. A six meter sea going ski boat is used, and has a maximum sitting capacity of 4-8 passengers plus skipper.  
Half-day is $375.00 per person x2 minimum including lunch
Full-day is $450.00 per person x2 minimum including lunch
If you would like to visit the Chimp Island, an extra US $45 is charged on the above rates (per person)
Travelers looking for an adrenaline boost flock to Jinja, a bustling town on the shores of Lake Victoria, known as the source of the White Nile. Popular things to do in Jinja include kayaking and rafting on the Nile, as well as a plethora of other activities, including bungee jumping, quad biking, and horseback rides. On a tour of Jinja, you can enjoy the verdant surroundings and scenic lakeside, visit a local brewery, or roam the busy marketplaces and restaurants.
Things to Do
Half-day, full-day and overnight white water rafting excursions are available from Jinja.   
The white water rafting is done in paddle-rafts, each person joins as a member of a team and a professional guide captains the team. Paddlers are instructed comprehensively on how best to enjoy themselves on the water and on all aspects of safety including the use of safety kayaks which accompany every raft trip on the water. The highly trained safety kayakers are world class paddlers who adeptly pilot their kayaks through the rapid ahead of the raft. When the rafts flip upside down or people are washed overboard they are nearby to provide assistance in getting people back to their boats. 
The trip on the water begins slowly and the first few kilometers give the raft guides an opportunity to train everyone on all aspects of Nile rafting. The river becomes much more adventures at Bujagali Falls and one major rapid follows swiftly after another for most of the morning. Once the rafts enter Wildwaters Reserve (protects the unique flora and fauna of the mid-stream islands of the Nile), there is more time between the rough water but the rapids become larger and more spectacular. At Itanda (The Bad Place) the Nile is too powerful for the rafts and so the rafts are taken around the top by land.

The grading of the rapids rafted on this stretch of the Nile range from 1 – 5. At each of the larger (higher graded) rapids you are given the option of whether you want to go the hard way (through the middle) or the easy way (around the edge). The choice is voted on, however, it might not always turn out the way you expected because you (everyone in the raft) if do not paddle in the right direction you may not take the route you wanted.  An overnight in Jinja is required for this excursion.


01 Transfer from EBB to Jinja, Check in at Gately on Nile (B,L,D)
02  transfer to launch site for full-day White Water rafting
     Return to lodge at Gately on Nile (B,L,D)
03  continue on safari
Based on 2 travelers               $1,075.00 Per Person Double
Based on 3 travelers               $   950.00 Per Person Double
Based on 4+ travelers             $   875.00 Per Person Double 
                                             $   150.00 Single Supplement

* If less than 4 people are rafting, a surcharge may apply
Mbale Town
Mbale is the type of town which many may pass on their way to the other parts of Uganda, but its low-rise buildings and bustling streets provide a glimpse into local daily life. Markets here overflow with organic food and handmade items, and restaurants provide traditional meals. The nearby Mount Elgon, which rises 4,321 m (14,178 ft) above sea level, and the popular Sipi falls, are often part of the Mbale sightseeing experience
Things to do
1.Sipi Falls;
Discover the hidden gem of Sipi Falls, three separate waterfalls rumbling through the greenery of Uganda. As you hike up to the area and explore the surrounding nature, you may encounter various animals. A few benches and open fields also give you a chance to sit down and enjoy the views. Consider touring the coffee farms that lie in the landscape above the waterfalls.
Sipi Falls on Kapchwora Side;
Visiting Sipi Falls delivers scenic views and a chance to explore a biologically diverse area. The falls consist of three small cascades near the border with Kenya. Away from the busy, crowded city, the site represents a quiet retreat and a place to unwind and relax. The surrounding area boasts numerous eco-lodges and campsites, so you can linger here for a few days or just make an afternoon of i
2. Mt Elgon:
Put on your hiking shoes and explore the untamed wilderness of Mount Elgon National Park, where you can see a variety of Nature's creations-- caves and small pools, hot springs, and several waterfalls. Don't be surprised if your hiking friends become the area's monkeys, or if you see all kinds of colorful birds. There are several campsites here if you're interested in staying overnight.
Mbarara Town
One of Mbarara's popular attractions--Lake Mburo National Park--lies in close proximity to the city, just a short ride away. That will top your Mbarara itinerary list, followed by traditional food tasting via the city's restaurants and open markets. Maneuvering around the city is easy with motorcycles or taxis; a mini bus can take you further away to local farms where you can witness production of milk, Western Uganda's biggest export. The outskirts feature green hills which complement the city's laid-back, relaxed character
Thing to Do 
1.Lake Mburo National Park
Head over to Lake Mburo National Park to observe native wildlife that includes zebras, hippos, leopards, and buffalos. The park's lake is of special interested for nature lovers, as it attracts herds of buffalos--especially numerous here during the dry season. At sunset, make you way to the Rubanga Forest, where a viewing platform provides photogenic views of the lake
2. Kitagata Hot Springs is located in Western Region. Make Kitagata Hot Springs a centerpiece of your Mbarara vacation itinerary
3. Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve; Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve is located in Bushenyi.
Bushenyi attractions like Kalinzu Central Forest Reserve can be center stage of your vacation plans, and you can find out about other attractions like it, unlike it, near it, and miles away.
Kasese Town 
Kasese is a town in the Western Region of Uganda, lying north of Lake George. It originally grew around the copper mine at Kilembe, while attention later turned to cobalt mining. It is the chief town of Kasese District, and the district headquarters are located there. Kasese is also the largest town in Rwenzururu region, and Charles Mumbere, the king of Rwenzururu, maintains a palace in the town.LocationKasese is at the western end of the Uganda Railway to Kampala and Tororo and is home to Kasese Airport. The city is near the Rwenzori Mountains and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Kasese is approximately 345km, by road, west of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city. This is about 61km, by road, northeast of Mpondwe, the border town at the international border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The coordinates of Kasese are 0°11'12.0"N, 30°05'17.0"E (Latitude:0.186667; Longitude:30.088050).PopulationIn August 2014, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics estimated the population of the town at 101,679
Things to Do
1.Rwenzori National Park
A World Heritage Site, Rwenzori National Park offers a diverse natural system of lakes, glaciers, and waterfalls, among other points of interest. Africa's third-largest peak dominates the landscape, which includes several different vegetation zones, such as bamboo forest and moss-covered rocks. Take a hike around the lakes, or tackle the mountain peaks. Alternatively, visit nearby villages, where you can mingle with locals and soak in their culture. Don't forget to be on the lookout for wildlife, with primates, birds, and butterflies inhabiting the untouched nature.
Fort Portal Town
A handful of natural parks and reserves, caves, and lakes, welcome you to Fort Portal. These wonders make up for the lack of typical tourist attractions; you can even explore the nearby rainforest that shelters various wildlife. A clear abundance of nature rules in Fort Portal, but the city does have a few nightclubs and bars can. While here, try local tea--for which this city is famous--citizens take great pride in it.
1. Kibale Chimpanzee Forest National Park
See Africa's highest and most diverse population of primates at Kibale Forest National Park, a rainforest conservation area. Chimp-tracking tops the activities in the moist evergreen rainforest, which hosts 13 species of primates, including black and white colobus, red-tailed monkeys, and grey-cheeked mangabey. Keep your eye out for the estimated 500 elephants, buffalos, leopards, and bush pigs that live on the 766 sq km (296 sq mi) grounds. Bird-watchers can delight in over 350 resident bird species, such as the olive-tailed cuckoo


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